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Customs officer inspecting package

SpecTree product applications include

Air Quality Monitoring:

SpecTree develops and builds advanced technologies to monitor and assess air quality.


Personal Exposure Assessment:

SpecTree makes tools to evaluate individuals' exposure to environmental hazards and pollutants.


Medical Devices:

SpecTree is designing devices for use in healthcare.

Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety: SpecTree technology is used to ensure the safety of employees and the environment in industry.

First responders and & Security: 

SpecTree develops and partners with government agencies to provide solutions for security applications.

The SpecTree NSC - Non-Contact Sampler - is a handheld, cordless particle collection device that samples particles from surfaces without direct physical contact, enabling sampling from uneven, rough, or textured surfaces. The NCS uses opposing impinging air jets to remove target particles and capture them on a filter media

Non contact sampler for sampling packages
Sampler designed to sample the air on surfaces for trace detection

Non-Contact Sampler


Features / Specifications:
Dimensions: 10.2" x 3.7" x 2.8"
Battery Type: 20V Lithium Ion
Suction Flow Rate: 300 LPM
Air Jet Flow Rate: 300 LPM
Sampling Area: 2" x 2"
Filter Media: Accepts permeable filter media 1" - 1.5" wide and less than 0.04" thick

Accessories include:


Vapor Sampling Attachment:

An attachment that uses the NCS's suction flow to collect detectable signals from vapors on filter media, capable of sampling large volumes of vapor quickly and concentrating the signal on a small surface area.

Container Sampling Attachment:

Designed to attach to shipping containers

The NCS is a parallel jet array sampler is developed for an effective non-contact aerodynamic sampling of trace residues of explosives, chemicals or contraband.

Sample aerosolization is provided by slit jets that resuspend the test particles placed on the test coupon.
Particle-laden flow is aspirated into the sampling port of the fixture by the suction generated by a brushless motor.

The filter that captures the particles can be analyzed in industry-standard detection equipment such as those units commonly used in airport security screening.


This technology is being used to sample shipping containers at Ports of Entry and assist with screening cargo containers by allowing dogs to detect contraband across many shipping containers quickly.


In cargo applications, the NCS draws air through the external vent of the shipping container. The air is passed through a removable canister and captured on a filter for further analysis.

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